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Experience Joy

HEIDI WITZ As the owner of Joy Creation, Heidi handles client services and manages the strategic planning, keeping things running smoothly and on time. Heidi is the point person for the  proposal and will manage the team components of the proposal for relevance, efficiency and results. Heidi has a passion for brand management and development, holding the highest regard for building and maintaining relationships and has the experience to maintain and honor these relationships with clients, donors and most importantly, the beneficiaries of her efforts. Contact -

TRACY BREDOW As owner of Full Moon Marketing, Tracy began independent marketing services following her previous position as Director of Marketing for Mandel Group Inc., where she oversaw the creative content of Mandel’s marketing for luxury condominiums, apartments and retail developments. Following her 13 year Mandel career, Tracy continues contract work with Mandel Group and has collaborated with Joy Creation on event marketing, art curation, and marketing and fund development for non-profit businesses for 5 years. Tracy will coordinate and execute the marketing programming for your Event. Contact -